Professionals Fees

Monthly Retainers

The aforementioned services imply considerable work and expenses, particularly at the beginning of the project when we are collecting and analysing data, valuing the Target, writing the Sales Memorandum, undertaking comprehensive searches, and maintaining continuous contact with those companies that have indicated a potential interest in acquiring the Target.

To partially cover these professional services and expenses, we invoice a monthly retainer. Even though a project of this type lasts between six and twelve months, we limit these retainers to a maximum period of six months.


All general office expenses are borne by REDIRECTION. However, if any travel is necessary, the client would be invoiced for travel expenses at cost. However, no trips would ever taken unless absolutely necessary, and never without the client’s prior approval.

Success Fee

REDIRECTION’s standard Success Fee would obviously only be invoiced upon the successful divestment of the Target, based on the Total Transaction Value, according to the following Lehman’s scale::

Success Fee

5% up to €uros 3 Million

4% between €uros 3 and 6 Million

3% between €uros 6 and 9 Million

2% on the amount that exceeds €uros 9 Million.