Who we are?

We are a Financial Boutique

Founded in 1983, we are Spain’s Oldest Mergers & Acquisitions Advisory Firm. We specialise in Cross-Border Strategic Deals, primarily between Spain and the rest of the world, but with a special emphasis on transactions within the European Union (EU).

Our firm is small, exclusive and independent and we would like to remain that way. We only accept a small number of the assignments offered to us; when we are convinced that we can add value, and when we feel confident that a high probability of success exists.

Our partners are highly qualified, with the training and extensive experience in mergers and acquisitions between Spanish and foreign companies. We are multilingual, and we have worked for many years abroad and in Spain. We know deeply how businesses operate, both here and outside of Spain.

We can work for sellers or buyers although in many cases, our client is the buyer. The dimension of the typical operations we mediate is in the range of 10 to 100 million €.

One significant advantage of working with a financial boutique such as ours, is that our experienced partners deal with all aspects of each project. This is in stark contrast to the large international investment banks (and many other M&A advisory firms), which normally use their senior people to sell; and then delegate most of the work to less experienced consultants. For this reason, it is important for the client to interview all the people who will be working directly on the project, on a day-to-day basis.

Our Market Niche

Our typical deal size is in the €uros 10 Million to €uros 100 Million range. Our specific market niche is assisting international companies make strategic acquisitions and divestitures. Making acquisitions in Spain usually implies that the “Targets” are middle market, family-owned, non-quoted, companies. When divesting companies in Spain, we seek Spanish, as well as international buyers.

Cross-Border Deals

We assist multinationals divest Spanish subsidiaries,

with annual sales turnovers in the range:

€uros 10 Million to €uros 100 Million.

Our Infrastructure

We depend heavily on Information Technology (IT) for efficiency and productivity. We maintain a comprehensive reference library containing company directories, trade fair catalogues, product literature, annual reports, industry association directories, etc. We also subscribe to several on-line Internet Databases and CD-ROM’s.

We were the Spanish founders of IMAP (International Mergers and Acquisitions Professionals), an association promoting quality M & A advisory work. Our network of international M&A consultants includes more than 200 professionals in Europe, America and Asia.

In Spain and Abroad

Given our Spanish infrastructure and our overseas network, we can offer our international clients not only the ability to identify Spanish and foreign companies to acquire, but also the full range of other related services. In the case of foreign acquisitions, we work very closely, and as a team, with our international partners.

In fact, we can concentrate our efforts abroad, where it is possible to achieve a higher price for our clients than the one that could be obtained in Spain. This is because foreign companies without a presence in Spain, are usually willing to pay a premium for entering the Spanish market.

Effective Bridge between the Client and the Investor

Our greatest strength is the ability to understand the mind-set and needs of our Spanish clients, usually family businesses, as well as those of foreign investors, usually traded multinationals.

We know that Spain is Different and act as an effective bridge between our client and the investor. We know we need to use a special approach for dealing with family businesses and are experts in making sure that each side understands the other’s needs and objectives. We believe we are better positioned to close deals with private companies in Spain, than most of the best known investment banks, because the personalities, approaches and experiences necessary to close mega-operations are in sharp contrast to the requirements in operations whose values ​​are typically of less than 100 million €.

Some Statistics

In the last 50 transactions closed by our firm,

Over 90% of the sellers have been family or privately owned Spanish, unlisted companies;

More than 70% have been Cross-Border transactions between foreign investors and Spanish sellers;

More than 60% have been Strategic Acquisitions;

In 65% of cases we have advised the Sellers.

Our Track Record

Finally, our track record speaks for itself. During the past thirty years, the number of Cross-Border deals closed by our firm in Spain, places us among the leaders in the Spanish market.