General Information of Spain

The various sites listed on this page all give information on Spain in general and its economy, in particular.

The World Factbook (Spain)

Part of the “World Factbook” web-site prepared by the United States government (CIA). It contains detailed information on the country including geography, a map, people, government, economic data, communications, transportation, the military and transnational issues.

Spain’s National Statistics Institute

All types of economic and other data updated regularly by Spain’s National Statistics Institute. Also has very valuable links to other similar web-sites.

Bank of Spain

Information-rich site published by the bank of Spain, with a slant towards international monetary and fiscal matters.


This is the web-site for the European Statistics office. Here you will find a plethora of information on the European Union (EU) economy, including Spain.

World Bank

This is the World Bank’s web-site. Here you will find information on the world economy in general, and on Spain, in particular.

Madrid Stock Exchange

This site contains a great deal of Spanish stock market informaton, all up-to-date, supplied by the Madrid Stock Exchange.

Spain’s Securities and Exchange Commission (CNMV)

This is the official (English-language) site for the “Comisión Nacional del Mercado de Valores (CNMV)” which is Spain’s equivalent to the USA’s Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). It includes a lot of valuable information on the Spanish stock market, financial statements, directors of publically-traded companies, companies’ ownership, regulations, etc.