The following are various consulting firms that could assist a potential acquirer of a Spanish company in his due diligence process.

SWAP is the Spanish-based operation of the USA firm, Trout and Partners, founded by Jack Trout, the marketing guru. The firm is specialised in establishing and evaluating marketing programmes, product branding and repositioning.

International Venture Consultants (IVC) is a Madrid-based “generalist” consulting company. Approximately 75% of its clients are foreign-based companies which do business, or want to do business, with Spain.

DBK – Consultores en Análisis Sectorial y Estratégico is the leading Spanish firm in business sector and competitive analysis. Founded in 1987, DBK conducts an updated follow up of about 200 business areas of Spanish economy through its different multiclient reports programmes. DBK´s reports are the basic information and analysis tool for those who need to have an in-depth knowledge of Spanish consumer, industrial, service and finance sectors, as well as an accurate evaluation of the competitive positioning of the companies operating in each one of those.