En 2012, Catalonia received 47 projects of foreign investment, 37% more than in 2011.

Por el 22 de April del 2013

The projects have enabled the creation of 2,324 jobs and the keeping of 2,566 jobs , according to the Department of Enterprise and Employment.


Barcelona (ACN). – The Catalan economy has attracted 47 foreign investment projects amounting to 331.88 million in 2012 through Invest in Catalonia, the agency of the Department of Enterprise  and Employment. The figure represents a growth of 37% of the investment volume compared to the previous year and led to the creation of 2,324 jobs and the maintenance of another 2,566 jobs. The Minister for Enterprise and Employment, Felip Puig, said on Monday that these were “very positive” data.


This news shows the growing interest of foreign capital to invest in Spain.