Entrepreneurs, surprised by the good image of Spain abroad

Por el 23 de April del 2013

La Vanguardia in its edition dated Tuesday 23th April, reports that Spanish entrepreneurs have been pleasantly surprised by the good image of Spain abroad, that has little to do with the pessimism that is perceived in Spain on the evolution of the economy and the consequences of the adjustments. This is one of the main conclusions made ​​yesterday by the Business Council of Competitiveness (CEC) which reflects the favourable reception that is taking the roadshow to explain the progress of the Spanish economy to the main financial markets.

This tour is now in its equator. Today José Manuel Campa will be in Brussels, and will continue in the coming days in Latin America. As explained by Fernando Casado to La Vanguardia, “we have detected more receptiveness than expected on the evolution of the Spanish economy, lower production costs and changing economic model”. He was satisfied that there are positive aspects of the economy contained in the presentation that were not known by the analysts.

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